Symposium, ex-tempore on wood and stone, clay, earthenware, installation. Land-art, painting to oil, drawing, charcoal, watercolor. Milan - Barcelona

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UROBOROS Contemporary Art 2007

“The contemporary is below and victim of archaeology of modernity, incredible but concrete paradox. And it asks spaces of reading. Public and private, for different reasons, aims at the consolidated values, at the emphasis of clamour and at the rhetorical of prolixity. Skepticism or parsimony slows down the calendar of the destined front of stage to the authors of our daily, distilling portions of presence like rare elisir. With the energy of a generation that it puts of forehead  to the embrittlement of social values and structure, the own combative identity still nourished of ideals. A civil answer, founded on feeling and culture, to the vagueness of the present and future precariat, to the dazzles of ephemeral one, to the soap promises. A clear perception of the time and the condition: to reach to the same in order to compensate the deficiencies of the community.” [Claudio Rizzi, introduction to the Contemporary Art Exposition in Lombardy. '70 years Generation. December 2007]

UROBOROS is born from a first encounter between Carlo Visca (founding of the Coop. Soc. Ecotondo) and Edi Sanna and developed from the artists: Paola Brusati, Claudia Canavesi, Angelo Caruso, Mor Talla Seck, Alessandra Palumbo, Veronique Pozzi, Attilio Tono, Leandro Sabin Paz, Edi Sanna, Mizzi Stratolin, coming from Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, Dakar.
UROBOROS is a primitive symbol, present in nearly all the ancient cultures of the world. It represents the snake that bites the own tail, proposing the idea of movement and continuity, the image of the time that passes and the evolution, of the cycle of the life freed from the dead, in reference to the reincarnation. It is the beginning and the end, contains the opposite ones in itself, for which it is also symbol of the chaos, the union of yin and yang. Represents the union of the material world (the snake) with that celestial (the circle). The continuous circular motion remarke that the energy is not destroyed but it is transformed. Topics legacies to the artistic research of all the times. Uroboros is also symbol of the darkness and, like Orione that protect the door that join the earth to the sky, the artists possess the control of the light and the darkness: they offer an other point of view, this that allows the opening lies them in order to indeed comprise the things of the world.
The attempt of the UROBOROS artists is to realize a common work that it joins the single experiences and or fulcrum of the single energies (pluri experimented). The resolution of such experiment demonstrates that desire to realize art exceeds the predominion of the ego of the artist.
The Social Cooperative Ecotondo has offered its place in order to accommodate the Exposicion and the artists, as it believes in the fundamental role of the art. UROBOROS to Ecotondo has been a moment of encounter, fertil job with the artists, and of comparison also with the communal administration that has given to white paper since the first presentation of the idea, even if unfortunately, it has not promoted the event in some way. The event UROBOROS wants to generate moments of cultural exchange of communication and festivity with events collaterals which poetry, reading, live music. UROBOROS 2007 has proposed also the reading of poetries of Alfonso Sabba, writer.

The video introduces the Collective Work and the exposure. The Collective Work “Confluence of Energies” is a floating installation that has been planned and realized from the artists: Claudia Canavesi, Angelo Caruso, Leandro Sabin Paz Veronique Pozzi, Mor Talla Seck, Attilio Tono and Edi Sanna, near the Lake of Londa. The artists have realized a art-work site-specific, result of the fusion of theirs owns different sensibility, with natural elements finded in the place. This work-in-progress has allowed the visitors to observe the realization in its phases evolution.The collective work has been donated from the artists at  Social Cooperative Ecotondo. In  the Exposition there are some works, result of the research that characterizes the single 10 artists; works of sculpture, painting, photography, installation, and applied art that they have been placed in different places of Ecotondo, so that the visitor taking a walk in the house and its outskirts, found itself to discover the works.

UROBOROS Contemporary Art 2007 (19/22 July) has been realized thanks to the organization of Carlo Visca, to the artistic direction of Edi Sanna, to the versatility of the Social Cooperative Ecotondo, to the availability of the Municipality of Londa (Fi) and of the Mountain Community Florens Mountain, that it has supplied great part of the necessary materials to the realization of the collective work, and to the collaboration of the friends. The video is realized from Edi Sanna with the post-production of Friends of Windmills.