Symposium, ex-tempore on wood and stone, clay, earthenware, installation. Land-art, painting to oil, drawing, charcoal, watercolor. Milan - Barcelona

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The use of central perspective allows the eyes and mind to observe the phenomenal objects towards infinity. Thanks to it I asked to compare what I see from what we do not observe that in order to consider is something that I know anyway. The Perspective is a geometric construction and therefore a fiction whose goal is to get the effect of reality, as a means must be absorbed and then deliver, to free themselves from the laws that are rational geometric and specific human and as such observe only one target at the instant. To note, though immersed in a single thought, one must consider that there is another, much more, everything in that instant of observation can not account for human failure. Decondizionandosi so, the picture becomes more truthful, more honest and balanced in our thinking and all. Then, thinking towards the infinite, one can see that there are neither horizontal nor vertical if not by coincidence. That the horizon is curved. That the point of observation is the only focus for the observer. That it lines branching off in all directions, towards the infinite, and towards the center point of focus. All these lines are building a box, in the center of which there are the eyes of the observer and then his body and his thought. Each individual is locked into this box. And be aware of the existence of this box is positive, allows the grunt on the street and so instinctive and be heard in the woods as the forest.

The work Environmental Station is a particular form of high stone built with the Prospect Center which is a forest, hence the user relates not only as an observer, but may enter it and cross it. Its placement is planned for the lawn of Piazza Pompeo Castelli in Milan and is oriented so that the focus points in the north to the mountains, toward the forest. Between Castle Place in Milan and the mountains there is a forest nature reserve by the WWF. It is the forest of Vanzago, "an oasis in the desert, a relic of the great Po primary forests, which reminds us that only 200 years ago there was still room for wild nature around Milan. In fact, this forest is a remnant of what was originally the territory, now one of the areas with the highest concentration of industrial activities of the Milanese hinterland. Thousands of years ago, forests covered the whole valley of the River Po Later the Etruscans, Gauls, Romans, the economic activities of the Signorie since the century, industrialization caused the irreversible deforestation. (Www. boscovanzago.it).

The work "Environmental Station” has successfully completed the selection and take part in the show: Sculpture in the city, Projects for Milan

The day Monday 11 May from 18.30 you the awards ceremony held
The exhibition will remain open from May 8 - 14 June 2009  
Timetable: Tuesday to Friday 10-13/14.30-18.30 (Thursday until 22.00)  
Saturdays and holidays 10/18.30  

The Society for the Fine Arts Exhibition and Permanent, faithful to his secular role as promoter of contemporary art and its close link with the Milan and Lombardy in general, promotes the project in the City Sculpture - Plans for Milan.

The intent of this initiative, as well as enhance and deepen an art that often the attention of the public ignores or does not, is to contribute in enriching and upgrading of Milan in anticipation of Expo 2015.

The project is structured as a competition divided into two sections pointing to a best-known sculptors and with more experience, the other a young newly affacciatisi the art scene.

Finally culminating in a major exhibition, during which converge at the Palazzo della Permanente masterpieces of the past, works by more established artists and creations of the younger sculptors, creating a dialogue between generations, experience, mode of expression, forms and materials.

Exhibit: Italo Antico, Kengiro Azuma, Anri Ambrogio Azuma, Gabriella Benedini, Chiara Benedetti e Sara Maltese, Giacomo Benevelli, Roberto Biscardini, Andrea Cassone, Claudio Borghi, Alterstudiopartners, Giovanni Campus, Nando Canuti, Valeria Armani e Lorenzo Bonini, Nino Cassani, Alex Corno, Salvatore Cuschera, Guido di Fidio e Giorgio della Vite, Pino di Gennaro, Vittorio di Muzio e Alessandro Alberti, Michele Festa, Gaetano Fracassio, Paolo Gallerani e Aldo Castellano e Giuditta De Vecchi, Alberto Ghinzani, Franca Ghitti e Federico Acuto, Lydia Lorenzi e Monica Bresciani, Giancarlo Marchese e Studio Maiocchi Pellegrini, Armando Marrocco e Laura Scrimeri, Felice Martinelli e Dessivo Vianelli, Franco Mazzucchelli e Sandro Cabrini, Walter Mutton, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Gianfranco Pardi, Paolo Persichetti Scopinich, Edi Sanna, Anna Santinello, Francesco Pietro Siccardi, Paolo Schiavocampo, Giuseppe Spagnulo e Federico Spagnulo, Mauro Staccioli, Grazia Varisco, Franco Zazzeri e Francesco Paglia. Sezione giovani: Lorenzo Attisani, Ilaria Beretta, Matteo Bissaca, Mattia Bosco, Esterni, Clara Camerino, Pasquale Carucci, Marco Chiesa, Gianluca Codeghini e Gian Maria Sforza Fogliani, Lucia di Pierro, Fabrizio Dusi, Maddalena Fragnito De Giorgio, Agostino Gallina, Fabio Loda, Alberto Gianfreda, HO-Jin Jung, Pietro Marchese, Anna Teresa Ritacco, Piermarco Mariani, Barbara Pignone, Francesca Puddu, Daniele Nitti Sotres, Francesco Panceri, Chiara Pellegrini, Nada Pivetta, Chiara Ricardi e Lorenzo Serafin, Cristiano Mattia Ricci, Erika Rocchigiani e Davide Ferraris e Fabia Marta Ponte di Pino, Pietro Paolo Spoto, Leonardo Zuccaro Marchi.

Palazzo della Permanente Via Filippo Turati 34, Milan ATM lines: M3, 1, 2, 9, 33, 43, 94, 200   Information: tel. 02 6551445

The President of the Society for Fine Arts and Exhibition Permanent Guido Podestà   Assessor for decorative, Decor and Green Urban Maurizio Cadeo the Head of Culture Massimiliano Finazzer Flory







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