Symposium, ex-tempore on wood and stone, clay, earthenware, installation. Land-art, painting to oil, drawing, charcoal, watercolor. Milan - Barcelona

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“RIFLESSO” Edi Sanna

The sea plays with the image that is reflected to it, in every precise moment; in the game of the lights, the colors and the infinite small shadows, it seems that the same form is contained and to belong to the sea. The sea separates the form, extracting it from own body and of its peculiar gravity
The sea, taking control of the form, he make it its,  rendering it liquid and it deprives of the spirit. He extracts the form in My being for to propose the form newly to me.
The game of the waves emphasizes urging of the sea to observe in the splitting between mine inner I to me and my external form.
It seems to ingenuously want to evidence this double quantity of which all it is composed. The form that I have chosen in order to create the glare is the chumacera. It is present in all the tipologie of boats, from most ancient to most sophisticated.
Its form filler to the mind different symbols: the tridente used from the man since the preistoria in order to procure the food in order to survive; the branch used in the past in order to find the water; the point of the branch in which begin a new branch creating itself a new road. The “Sistro” remembers moreover, the instrument with which Iside always it is represented.
Iside was considered protecting of navigation and in the tradition it takes in itself  the role of Goddess Mother or Mother Earth, then absorbed from the figure of the Madonna in the Catholicism.
This trophy is realized in marine bronze because its peculiar oxidation creates a detail blue coloration; the logotipo of the Reial Club Marítim de Barcelona it is record on crystal slab with elliptic form.





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