Symposium, ex-tempore on wood and stone, clay, earthenware, installation. Land-art, painting to oil, drawing, charcoal, watercolor. Milan - Barcelona

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“OLTRE” (beyond) Edi Sanna

In this installation I propose a series of ceramics that compose a unitary entirety. This is supported give the potsherds of the same ones. The dense chaotic past that in the present assumes a clear and defined aspect.
The collection “Oltre” is composed from 7 ceramics:
Beyond, Mirror, Energy and Matter, Egg, Open Egg, Light Egg, Kamasutra.

 “It seems necessary to specify that the Hindu conception of the sex differs from that of other civilizations. The sex is an integrating part of the philosophical and religious simbolism. It is not only normal and necessary but also sacred. It is the union of Parusha (the matter) with Prakriti (the energy).” [From Kamasutra di Vâtsyâma, Presentation of Alberto Bevilacqua. Ed. A. Mondadori]

“Oltre”  it is born from the sketches elaborated in some archaeological sites in north India. In this search, it is risen spontaneous placing to comparison the iconography of the ancient east and that of the contemporary West. To my look has thus evidenced a fundamental difference between the two cultures: the oriental vision sees the tie between sacred and the sex indissoluble, while in the western vision on the whole the sexuality is a practical end to if same.
The title it ““Oltre”” wants to place the accent on the existence of an other place beyond that one of our present, in which the cultures are not distinguished, in which the reality, the truth is evident. A place to beyond our conventions and of our preconcepts.
A place of “to off” in which we put ourselves today to observe ideally and in which we stay by the way in the future, sure in future.





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